spyware detectedSpyware is a type of malware (malicious software) which can be installed on the user’s computer and is generally used to monitor and collect bits of the user’s information without their knowledge. Spyware is often difficult to detect by the user because it often operates without the users knowledge. There are different variations of spyware, however they all serve the same purpose which is to find information about the user; one of the main threats of spyware are key loggers, which do exactly as it suggests, records the keys that the user is typing. Key loggers are often used by hackers in order to find out personal information such as bank details and passwords to secure information which may result in identity theft. All spyware is not specifically targeted at personal information; it can also record your Internet surfing habits and sites you’ve visited. Also in some cases spyware doesn’t just monitor what the user is doing, it can also install additional software on your computer, change your computer settings and can result in slow connection speeds. If your computer is infected by spyware then click on the link below for a free spyware removal tool:

Free Spyware Removal Tool