Top Tips for keeping your PC secure

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  1. Make sure there is anti-virus software on your machine.
  2. Make sure there is firewall software installed.
  3. Make sure that anti-virus is up to date and that it is set to check for updates on a daily basis. It’s better to prevent infections rather than have to remove them later.
  4. Make sure your anti-virus is scheduled to scan your computer at least once every week. This can be set up automatically for a time when you aren’t using your computer because it tends to use a lot of the computers resources and slows everything down if you’re using it.


When you recieve an e-mail with a file attached to it make sure it is from someone you trust and just to be sure you should scan the file with anti-virus software before opening it.


Make sure when you are downloading any files or software that they are from trusted sources. If it is software you are downloading then make sure it is from the official site as if you download from other sites it will sometimes ask you to install other programs such as toolbars for your Internet. It is very often that people download programs from untrusted sources and they end up with infections on their PC. To be completely sure that downloaded files don’t contain malware (malicious code) you should scan them with your anti-virus before opening them.

Sensitive / personal Information:

One of the most important tips is when you are dealing with sensitive information such as your bank details make sure that the site is secure by looking for the padlock symbol; this is usually displayed on the right hand side of the address bar and also at the bottom left hand corner of the page (may vary in different Internet browsers). If you are not careful with personal or sensitive information then it may end up in the wrong hands if someone is using spyware on your computer and may be used for identity theft.

The last point is that if your PC is infected then the best thing to do is unplug your network cable; this ensures that the infection on your PC cannot spread to other PC’s, this is especially important if you have more than one PC on the same network (as it can spread network wide and may take a significant effort to clear up).

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