System Restore Virus / Malware

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New Virus Alert : System Restore Virus / Malware

This Virus generates fake reports about your computers health. Some of these reports include:

Computer has Low Disk Space Hard Drive Failures / Hard Disk Failures Other Virus Infections

The Malware also generates a program on the desktop called . . . → Read More: System Restore Virus / Malware

Windows Updates – Important!

Windows Update is a crucial part of any Windows Operating System. The majority of the updates are mainly to do with security of the product and your system. If the updates aren’t installed then there are potentially loopholes which hackers could identify and breach your system.

Also if the updates aren’t installed on your system then . . . → Read More: Windows Updates – Important!

Cyber Criminals – Anti-Virus Scams

Internet users have been receiving cold calls from cyber criminals claiming to be Anti-Virus providers and have also been claiming that their computer is infected with malware (malicious software). These cyber criminal’s main objective is to try to sell you an anti-virus package which most likely will infect your computer with viruses or malware. Once . . . → Read More: Cyber Criminals – Anti-Virus Scams