Cyber Criminals – Anti-Virus Scams

Internet users have been receiving cold calls from cyber criminals claiming to be Anti-Virus providers and have also been claiming that their computer is infected with malware (malicious software). These cyber criminal’s main objective is to try to sell you an anti-virus package which most likely will infect your computer with viruses or malware. Once . . . → Read More: Cyber Criminals – Anti-Virus Scams

Website Hackers

There are several ways in which websites can be hacked 2 of the main ways are if the user installs a plug-in (add-on) which has a file attached to it which includes malicious code or if the hacker physically hacks the website username & password etc.

The main reason why I write this blog is . . . → Read More: Website Hackers

Top Tips for keeping your PC secure

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Make sure there is anti-virus software on your machine. Make sure there is firewall software installed. Make sure that anti-virus is up to date and that it is set to check for updates on a daily basis. It’s better to prevent infections rather than have to remove them later. Make sure your anti-virus . . . → Read More: Top Tips for keeping your PC secure