Windows Updates – Important!

Windows Update is a crucial part of any Windows Operating System. The majority of the updates are mainly to do with security of the product and your system. If the updates aren’t installed then there are potentially loopholes which hackers could identify and breach your system.

Also if the updates aren’t installed on your system then . . . → Read More: Windows Updates – Important!

Website Hackers

There are several ways in which websites can be hacked 2 of the main ways are if the user installs a plug-in (add-on) which has a file attached to it which includes malicious code or if the hacker physically hacks the website username & password etc.

The main reason why I write this blog is . . . → Read More: Website Hackers

Virus News – Hackers steal £6million

In one of the latest computer security threats the police have arrested 19 people who have been reported to have been using malicious code on personal computers in order to obtain peoples bank details and have allegedly stolen over £6m over the last 3 months. So please make sure that your computer systems are fully . . . → Read More: Virus News – Hackers steal £6million