Hallmark E-card Virus Threat

Some people are saying it’s a hoax and others are saying it’s for real. I haven’t received an e-mail such as this yet, so I can’t really comment for sure, but by the sounds of it I would still say it’s something to look out for, so unless you know for sure that it is . . . → Read More: Hallmark E-card Virus Threat

Facebook Virus Removal – Koobface Worm

There are 2 ways you can choose to remove the Facebook virus, the first is automatically using anti-virus software which I would recommend and the second is by manually removing the files and processes.

Automatic virus removal (recommended)

If you haven’t already got antivirus firewall software installed on your computer then go to http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php and . . . → Read More: Facebook Virus Removal – Koobface Worm

Top Tips for keeping your PC secure

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Make sure there is anti-virus software on your machine. Make sure there is firewall software installed. Make sure that anti-virus is up to date and that it is set to check for updates on a daily basis. It’s better to prevent infections rather than have to remove them later. Make sure your anti-virus . . . → Read More: Top Tips for keeping your PC secure