New phishing scam on twitter

I recently recieved a direct message from someone on Twitter, and it reads ”is this really you in this photograph ?? [link to scam page]“. The link takes you to a page that appears to be the twitter login page, it looks exactly the same apart from the url in the top of the browser which reads “”. If you insert your login details on this page and click login, it will take you to the real twitter login page, so in most cases users will think it didn’t log you in or you typed your details incorrectly and then carry on and login to the real twitter, and now the scammers have your twitter login details, which they could use to login to your account, take any information or personal details on there about yourself, maybe even send a few tweets or direct messages to everyone you know inviting them to the same scam page.

If you have used this scam page to login I would suggest you immediately change your password to your account.


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