Microsoft Telephone Scams

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Recently there has been another spout of telephone scams targeting PC users pretending to be from Microsoft and that you have errors or a virus on your computer which they can remove. After requesting that you check log files on your computer, they will talk you  through installation of software to allow them access to your computer.

This group of people are not members of Microsoft and may ask you to pay a fee or they will install malicious software on your PC which will either track your keyboard inputs so that they can acquire your bank details, or invoice you for payment which may request your bank details.

We suggest that you inform all members of staff, family and friends so that they are aware of this scam, as we are aware of many businesses and individuals who have already fallen for it.

If you have been approached by these imposters and have allowed them access to your PC then you are at risk, you should monitor your bank account finances very carefully over the next few months and you should warn your bank that your security has likely been compromised.

(We can offer a service if you have been affected by these cyber criminals to remove the software they have installed onto your machine)

Remember, Microsoft does not make unsolicited phone calls to help fix your computer, they will never ask for bank account details for any reason and they will never phone to say you have won something.

If you have been caught out by one of these scams and you think your PC may have been compromised then you can contact us using this form and we will do a thorough check up on your PC and ensure that there is no malicious or unwanted software on your PC that may harm or steal your data.


Update – These calls do not only impersonate Microsoft, they have also been caught impersonating a company called Alien Touch.


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