Microsoft in the Process of Attempting to Disable Zeus Botnet

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Microsoft is in the process of a global operation in conjunction with financial services in an attempt to disable botnets powered by Zeus Malicious Software, which are believed to have been responsible for the theft of millions of pounds.

Microsoft has marked out that this operation is the “most complex effort to disrupt botnets to date”. However even though Microsoft have begun the operation to bring down the Zeus powered botnets,  Internet Security company Sophos have stated that they have not seen any kind of “significant disruption” to the illegal cybercrime networks.

The details of this operation were given by Richard Boscovich the senior attorney for Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit in Microsoft’s official blog.

Also written in Microsoft’s blog is that for this operation they are focusing on botnets using Zeus, SpyEye and ICE-IX variants of the Zeus family malware, which are known to cause the most public harm and which is believed to have caused around half a billion dollars worth in damages.

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  • Unlike previous botnet takedowns led by Microsoft, the goal of this one was not to permanently kill all of the Zeus botnets targeted in the operation, but instead to disrupt this segment of the operation, according to the company. Nor does Microsoft expect the so-called Operation b71 case — which focused on botnets using Zeus, SpyEye and Ice-IX variants of the crimeware — to result in the death of all Zeus botnets.

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