Government says Cyber Crime is one of the biggest threats to the UK

Cyber-crime is now considered to be one of the biggest security threats facing the UK. The government has committed £500m to tackling cyber-crime. The government’s new National Security Strategy categorised it as a Tier 1 threat, putting it at the same threat level as international terrorism and major accidents.

Cyber crime involves attacks on computer networks; and with technological advancements cyber-crime could escalate into cyber terrorism which could affect anything from the national grid to online bank accounts. They can come from anywhere and be carried out by anyone with the knowledge how to.

GCHQ revealed that each month more than 20,000 “malicious” e-mails were sent to government networks, of which 1,000 were deliberately targeted at them.

The founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, said the threat to computers was something that could be controlled. He also said: “People depend on the reliability of the internet and there are safeguards that can be put into place.”

Cyber-attacks are becoming more sophisticated and a good example of this is the case of the Stuxnet worm, which was suspected to be targeting Iran’s nuclear programme.

The highly complex piece of malware, detected earlier this year, is believed to be the first worm designed to target real-world infrastructure such as power stations, water plants and industrial units.

There are several ways in which you can protect your PC’s and networks from the threats outlined above such as anti-virus software, firewall software, anti-spyware etc. For more information on these area please check our other pages as we can provide you with the latest PC security software.

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