Google Redirect Virus Removal

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Google Redirect Virus Removal

The Google Redirect Virus is definitely in my top ten of annoying viruses. The main reason for this is that generally the first thing that I do as soon as I discover a virus on my system is to Google how to remove the virus. Of course this doesn’t work as you can’t get to the sites you want to get to.

Quick Explanation of the Google Redirect Virus and how it works

The main purpose of the Google Redirect Virus is to send you to websites which are either fake or they will contain other forms of malicious viruses which may have an impact on your system. These websites may also try and get you to buy products (and in the process collect your bank details and personal information).

An example of the Google Redirect Virus in action

Let’s say you are doing some research on something you are writing about, and you decide to search for it on Google. You will receive the list of search results as normal, but as soon as you try to click on one of the links, it will redirect you to another random site which has no relevance to what you are searching for in the first place.

How to remove Google Redirect Virus

Download TDSS Killer from this link:

If you are unable to download the file because of the virus then I would suggest downloading the application from a different computer and then save it to a USB drive or CD and launch the file from there.

Once the file has downloaded, you will then need to extract the contents of the file. (I would suggest extracting to your desktop).

Once the files are extracted open theTDSSKiller.exe file. A window will then pop-up as shown below:

Click on the Start scan button, and the scan will begin. It will then check your computer for virus infections.

Once the scan has finished, the next window will pop-up showing you all of the viruses, malware and security threats that it has found from the scan. In this window there will be a dropdown menu next to each threat found. In this menu you can select what action to take on each of the security threats detected. In the dropdown menu you will have a choice of:

  • Skip
  • Cure
  • Copy to Quarantine
  • Delete

I would suggest selecting the delete option for any of the items that have been branded as malware by TDSSKiller. Sometimes if you just select Cure then it may come back with an error saying that the item couldn’t be cured.

Once you have selected the actions to take on the infected items, click on the continue button. TDSSKiller will then apply the actions that you have selected on the previous window, and will then pop-up with another window once finished to let you know whether the files have been disinfected or deleted.

Now close TDSSKiller and open your Internet browser and go to Google. Then try searching for something and clicking on a search result to check if your PC is clean.

If you think your PC may have been infected by a virus or another form of malicious content then you can contact us by clicking the link below and filling in the form and we can with your permission log on to your PC remotely and do a thorough check up on your PC and ensure that there is no malicious or unwanted software on your PC that may harm your computer or steal your data.

PC Check Up

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