E-mail Spam Threats | DHL Notification Virus

E-mail spam is very common and i’m sure you find yourself sifting through your spam folder to make sure there is nothing that has been incorrectly marked as spam. I was sifting through my spam the other day and I noticed one E-mail that was supposedly from DHL saying “your parcel has been dispatched” with an attached document called Delivery Details. Admittedly I was curious and I saved it to my computer and then two seconds later my anti-virus pops-up saying Trojan detected and the file name (Delivery Details). Fortunatley for me my anti-virus detected this threat and quarantined it.

Most spam E-mails can be spotted from a mile away; but for the few that actually look like they could be something important there are a few ways to check:

  1. Make sure it is from a trusted source
  2. If there is an attachment and you want to check it, scan it with anti-virus first
  3. Spelling Mistakes – Generally if it’s from a large company such as DHL they will have a standard automated form so there won’t be spelling mistakes. (They will also address the E-mail to you personally)

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