Cyber Criminals – Anti-Virus Scams

Internet users have been receiving cold calls from cyber criminals claiming to be Anti-Virus providers and have also been claiming that their computer is infected with malware (malicious software). These cyber criminal’s main objective is to try to sell you an anti-virus package which most likely will infect your computer with viruses or malware. Once they have sold the user the software they then offer a tutorial on how to install the software, where they will tell the user to disable any security measures the user already has in place, which in turn lets their so called anti-virus access your machine along with any malicious code that comes with it. In summary if they are successful, they will gain the users bank details, infect the users system with malware and also possibly gain control of your system which includes all your personal files. By the way these threats come from the Internet aswell as cold calls in the form of pop-ups which try to get you to download and install a free version of the Anti-Virus software.

The best way you can protect yourself from such threats is by making sure that any Anti-Virus software you use is from a trusted source by either checking on the Internet for reviews or by asking around.

Recent figures show that 1 in 4 Internet users have received similar calls, so this is definitely something to be aware of.

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