Cyber Crime | Growing Botnet Criminal Networks

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According to figures from a recent study approximately 6% of the UK’s 19 million online household PC’s are linked to criminal networks called Botnets on a regular basis.

Once these computers are hijacked, they could be used for a range of criminal activities including sending spam e-mails, attacking websites or collecting your personal details such as your bank details, to name some of the most popular criminal activities. Once these criminals have control over your PC they can collect, use and sell your personal data, and can also send e-mails from your e-mail account to all of your contacts, infecting their machines as well.

Also, once the PC is infected there is a good chance that the user will not have any idea that it is linked to these criminal networks, especially if the machines are not covered by anti-virus or some other form of security software.

Read the full article here.

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