Virus Alert – Metropolitan Police Virus | Removal Instructions

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Virus Alert – Metropolitan Police Virus / Scam Alert & Removal Instructions

The Metropolitan Police virus is becoming quite a common sight again recently. This virus can be caught in many of the usual ways such as downloading music, through your e-mail and also from websites infected with malware etc.

This virus can . . . → Read More: Virus Alert – Metropolitan Police Virus | Removal Instructions

Microsoft in the Process of Attempting to Disable Zeus Botnet

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Microsoft is in the process of a global operation in conjunction with financial services in an attempt to disable botnets powered by Zeus Malicious Software, which are believed to have been responsible for the theft of millions of pounds.

Microsoft has marked out that this operation is the “most complex effort to disrupt . . . → Read More: Microsoft in the Process of Attempting to Disable Zeus Botnet

Microsoft Telephone Scams

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Recently there has been another spout of telephone scams targeting PC users pretending to be from Microsoft and that you have errors or a virus on your computer which they can remove. After requesting that you check log files on your computer, they will talk you  through installation of software to allow them . . . → Read More: Microsoft Telephone Scams

Google Redirect Virus Removal

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Google Redirect Virus Removal

The Google Redirect Virus is definitely in my top ten of annoying viruses. The main reason for this is that generally the first thing that I do as soon as I discover a virus on my system is to Google how to remove the virus. Of course this doesn’t . . . → Read More: Google Redirect Virus Removal

Cyber Crime | Growing Botnet Criminal Networks

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According to figures from a recent study approximately 6% of the UK’s 19 million online household PC’s are linked to criminal networks called Botnets on a regular basis.

Once these computers are hijacked, they could be used for a range of criminal activities including sending spam e-mails, attacking websites . . . → Read More: Cyber Crime | Growing Botnet Criminal Networks

System Restore Virus / Malware

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New Virus Alert : System Restore Virus / Malware

This Virus generates fake reports about your computers health. Some of these reports include:

Computer has Low Disk Space Hard Drive Failures / Hard Disk Failures Other Virus Infections

The Malware also generates a program on the desktop called . . . → Read More: System Restore Virus / Malware

Email Security | E-mail SPAM Alert

There is a new spam email going around with the title ‘We are going to sue you’. This E-mail is a hoax. Also don’t be fooled into opening any attached documents, the one we received is named ‘VIRUS_DETECTED_AND_REMOVED.TXT’. If you do receive this email I would suggest you swiftly remove it from your inbox by pressing DELETE.

The . . . → Read More: Email Security | E-mail SPAM Alert

Protection Against MacDefender / MacProtector

Apple have finally acknowledged ‘MacDefender’ malware on Mac OSX. Here is a quick run down on how to ensure you avoid this infection. The first fairly obvious point is that you should have some form of anti-virus on your Mac. If you do encounter the ‘MacDefender’ malware then immediately close your browser, if it has automatically . . . → Read More: Protection Against MacDefender / MacProtector

E-mail Spam Threats | DHL Notification Virus

E-mail spam is very common and i’m sure you find yourself sifting through your spam folder to make sure there is nothing that has been incorrectly marked as spam. I was sifting through my spam the other day and I noticed one E-mail that was supposedly from DHL saying “your parcel has been dispatched” with . . . → Read More: E-mail Spam Threats | DHL Notification Virus