Facebook Virus Removal – Koobface Worm

There are 2 ways you can choose to remove the Facebook virus, the first is automatically using anti-virus software which I would recommend and the second is by manually removing the files and processes.

Automatic virus removal (recommended)

If you haven’t already got antivirus firewall software installed on your computer then go to http://www.malwarebytes.org/mbam.php and . . . → Read More: Facebook Virus Removal – Koobface Worm

Cyber Criminals – Anti-Virus Scams

Internet users have been receiving cold calls from cyber criminals claiming to be Anti-Virus providers and have also been claiming that their computer is infected with malware (malicious software). These cyber criminal’s main objective is to try to sell you an anti-virus package which most likely will infect your computer with viruses or malware. Once . . . → Read More: Cyber Criminals – Anti-Virus Scams

Website Hackers

There are several ways in which websites can be hacked 2 of the main ways are if the user installs a plug-in (add-on) which has a file attached to it which includes malicious code or if the hacker physically hacks the website username & password etc.

The main reason why I write this blog is . . . → Read More: Website Hackers

Anti-Virus Software – Microsoft Security Essentials Review

Microsoft Security Essentials is very easy to install as all the user has to do is click install and it automatically installs itself and also it only takes a couple of seconds to install. completely installing Microsoft Security Essentials only took around 4 to 5 minutes and that’s including the first update.

All the main . . . → Read More: Anti-Virus Software – Microsoft Security Essentials Review